interviewed at scottish ruby conf

Way back in March of this year, while I was attending the Scottish Ruby Conference, Werner Schuster interviewed me for InfoQ. The video has been online since August, and this is me finally getting around to telling you about it; watch it here. I talk about Reek, Refactoring in Ruby, and agile development in general.

This was the first time I’ve done a video interview, so I’m keen to hear your comments on how it went!

reek mailing list

Discussion about Reek seems to be popping up all over the place at the moment, so I’ve created a Google group where problems, ideas and suggestions can be shared in one place. I’ll be making release announcements there and seeking feedback from you on my ideas for Reek’s future.

So if you’re using Reek, hop over to and let’s get the ball rolling.

discussion on TDD and code analysis tools

During the last few weeks I’ve been participating in an email discussion about the relationship between static analysis tools (such as Reek) and TDD. The discussion was instigated by Pat Eyler, and he has now organised and posted the results on his On-Ruby blog.

To help me get an initial handle on the topic, I found it extremely useful to list the main areas of discomfort I feel when using Reek in my own work. Then for each of these (there were two) I constructed conflict clouds to get a balanced view of the problem. I don’t have the clouds to hand now, but you can read the results in Pat’s article. I’ll definitely be using that technique again, because it very quickly helped me to organise my thoughts. (Note to self: throw nothing away.)