the naked agilists’ preview of Agile2008

The latest edition of the Naked Agilists virtual magazine is a little different this time around — it’s a preview of this year’s Agile2008 conference. Adrian Mowat has done a fantastic job interviewing various members of the conference’s organising committee, and has put together a series of podcasts previewing what you can see on some of the many “stages” there. (Thanks also to Clarke Ching for kindly hosting the podcasts — again!)

(Sorry this is very late. I know the conference has now started, but I’ve been away on vacation with no internet access.)

next NakedAgilists: April 26th

The date of the next NakedAgilists virtual conference has been set for Saturday April 26th 2008, at 8pm GMT. Previous events have been packed with great sessions and debate, so add this event to your calendar now to avoid disappointment!

As always, the conference will consist of a small number of 5- or 10-minute sessions, each followed by a 5-minute discussion among all attendees. Contact me if you have a session idea you would like to present (or join our mailing list and get some feedback on your idea there).

I’ll post more information about the event as it makes itself known to me…

Naked Agilists podcast now available

Clarke Ching has now published the podcast of last Saturday’s Naked Agilists conference. You can download it by following the links from, or get it directly from Clarke’s blog. It’s a great 90 minutes of presentations and discussions, and the Naked Agilists website has links to the slides so you can follow the presentations along with the speakers.

We had five 10-minute presentations:

  1. Servant Leaders — Nancy van Schooenderwoert
  2. — Laurent Bossavit
  3. Fit4Data — Adrian Mowat
  4. Shared data for unit tests — Paul Wilson
  5. Let them Eat Cake — Brian Marick

And after each little session we had 5-minutes of discussion and Q&A. Also taking part in these discussions were Clarke, who chaired the whole thing expertly, me, and Willem van den Ende, who helped put the show together (as did Brian Marick).

Join the Naked Agilists mailing list to find out when the next event will be — and help us find an inexpensive technology that will make it live and interactive!

we vouch for…

One of the highlights of Saturday’s NakedAgilists conference was a discussion of This is a website being developed principally by Laurent Bossavit and Brian Marick, on which members of the (agile) software community can certify each others’ work. It’s a response to last year’s debates about “certification” programmes, and represents an attempt to move towards evidence-based peer certification. looks like a great idea, but it will only work if a lot of us (maybe even most of us) use it. I recommend you listen to the discussion on the NakedAgilists podcast, or simply visit, sign up and vouch for someone…

tonight’s naked agilists will be a podcast

Since our last great adventure in April 2007 it seems that Skypecasts have gone down the toilet somewhat. In fact, during our tests for tonight’s conference we never successfully managed to get more than one person in the Skypecast! So while we look around for decent technology for next time, tonight’s event will instead be a closed call, to be recorded and podcasted later.

We have a great line-up of speakers doing 5- or 10-minutes slots: You can see the programme at, and that’s also where we’ll post the podcast after the event.

Our deepest apologies if you were hoping to attend “in person”, but that’s just impossible this time around. (If you can help us find reliable technology and a reasonable price, please join the discussion on our mailing list.)

return of the naked agilists!

Do you wish you could attend the Agile conferences and XP days, but can’t get the funding or the travel budget or the time off work? Well there is one agile event that you can even attend from your own bath — the Naked Agilists!

Last year’s event was so successful that we’re running another. And you only need Skype to be able to attend. Save the date now:

Date: Saturday 19-Jan-08
Time: 20:00 GMT – 21:30 GMT
Venue: Your place, or mine

The event format is a Skype conference, supported by chat, and a website hosting slides and stuff. There’s also a mailing list where you can find more details of what happened last time, and loads of feedback on the event itself.

The event will be chaired by Leigh Mullin, who did such a great job last time — particularly to keep out the inevitable “tourists” who were hoping the “naked agilists” all had webcams! Please join the mailing list and propose a session. This time around we’re hoping to run with two different kinds of session:

Experience Reports
Lasting 2, 5 or 10 minutes. Think of these as mini blog posts — your chance to share a quick idea or observation with the rest of us. Last time, most presenters prepared a few slides to support their session, and most were also followed by a few minutes of Q&A, discussion and Skype chat.
Open Questions
You’ll get 1 minute to ask the group a question, and then there will be 10 minutes of discussion. This is your chance to tap into the experience and expertise of the assembled agile experts.

If you would like to present or table a question, please join the mailing list and post your suggestion there. We’ll put the programme together early in the New Year, so please get your
entries in early. Detailed intructions for participating in the call itself will only be posted on the mailing list, so even if you simply want to be in the “audience”, join the list now to avoid disappointment.