the management must also become agile

In Agile implementation anti-patterns Esther Derby has it just right, in my experience. She concludes:

“Changing the organization to Agile methods means that managers have to change, too. And letting go of the old top-down, command and control model of change is the place to start.”

Of course, that’s easier said than done…

above and below

One afternoon this week I was sitting in a meeting room with a manager in a local company. To help me understand some context, I asked how the company was organised. She jumped up to the whiteboard and drew a management hierarchy. With the CEO at the top. I hate hierarchies. Maybe it’s my problem, but I just don’t like people in an organisation thinking that they are somehow “above” others.

Wouldn’t it be great if people thought of their organisations in terms of responsibilities, interactions, client-supplier relationships? What if everyone – managers included – behaved as if they were performing a service as a role in a Collaboration? What if everyone respected the skills of the specialists around them?

Just once, I wish someone would talk about their job using CRC cards.