a new website

Today I’ve put my new website kevinrutherford.co.uk live. This will be my new company site, replacing the older one which I felt had become quite jaded. I hope the layout works in your browser (if not, sling me an email).

The new site is a departure for me, as it is an experiment with a 1-page website: everything is on just the one page! The experiment has had two benefits so far, during the site’s creation. First, maintenance of just that one single page of HTML is vastly easier than trying to maintain a whole raft of interconnected pages. Keeping the old site updated as I fiddled with styles etc and keeping the content of each from repeating was a nightmare. And in the end I felt the result hadn’t been worth the effort.

door And secondly, much more importantly, it has forced me to focus on the few things I really really need to say. Trying to get the message onto a single page means I’ve had to reduce the content to a bare minimum, instead of having the freedom to fill numerous pages with reams of dense prose. You’ll have noticed that I have a tendency to waffle, and to drag on and on with a high buzzword count. But that just isn’t possible on a 1-page website, which means I’ve had to smarten up my verbal act somewhat. A huge amount of the old crud has gone (who needs to know that I used to design encryption algorithms?), but I fear I’ve still fallen short on this goal. I plan to keep honing the page during the coming weeks until there’s nothing more I can (bear to) remove.

“Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.” — Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Update, 29-may-06
I was so excited to get my new “experimental” website live that I forgot to include the splash! It’s there now, better late than never…

Update, 31-may-06
I believe the page now displays correctly on Safari. Thanks to Steve Freeman and safaritest for testing.

html slide presentations

Frank Carver (among others) points out this really cool way to do slide presentations in your browser. At first glance, though, it seems to promote the bullet-list kind of presentation that I (and Cliff) hate. Can anyone show me how to use S5 to do a visual biography, for example?

html formatting nightmare

Yesterday I switched from IE to firefox. Of course, it’s a major improvement, and already I’d be loath to switch back.

But imagine my horror when, as you do, I decided to see how my own website looks in the new browser. It was completely mangled! I haven’t figured out all the details yet, but it seems that firefox renders all sorts of things differently than IE…

So then I spent a miserable few hours re-designing the style-sheet and page structures and fonts and… In the end I’ve found something that ‘works’ for both browsers, but what a pain! So much for standards.

So, sincere apologies to anyone who looked at the website using firefox – you must have thought I was crazy! Guess I need to try Netscape now too…