blocking comment spam with mt-approval

On Sunday night I installed MT-Approval, a plug-in for Movable Type that blocks spam comments generated by spambots. It worked straight out of the box, as all good software should. And in the 87 hours since I enabled it, MT-Approval has blocked 250 spam comments, averaging three per hour. Thanks Chad!


Sorry for that, but I’m angry. Hackers deleted this blog from my hosting service on Monday. Because they could, I suppose (security on PlusNet – or lack of it – is a story I don’t want to get into just now). I’ve lost all posts since November 19th – apologies if you had bookmarked any of them. During the next few weeks I’ll try to regurgitate some of what I said in the last 17 days, but inevitably some of it is gone forever. Bastards.

Update: 9-dec-04
The lovely Clark Ching pointed out that Bloglines has a complete archive of my missing posts. And the delightful Laurent Bossavit noticed that his RSS aggregator has stored them all on his hard disk. Thanks to both of you I now have the means to recover my lost gems rubbish.

page blight

Summer’s here and the common variety of garden pest has struck again – hackers scribbled over this blog yesterday. Why?

Obviously I’ll have to take measures, so please excuse me if these pages become inaccessible for short periods while I learn (iteratively, of course ;-) about the most appropriate pesticide spray to use…