ten rounds with manchester’s finest

This week’s meeting of the AgileNorth group was a dsdm case study. Here’s my view of how the evening went:

Andy Cheetham works for a leading vendor of packaged business software. They tried DSDM on a greenfield project and then on the development of four new related products. Their official line is that use of DSDM has now been stopped, having been less than successful. But in reality many of their new projects continue to work in a more agile way than before, with great success.

Andy received something of a grilling from our audience of eight (including several agile practitioners and a DSDM expert), and claimed he found the experience both cathartic and rewarding! Although he had planned to talk for only half an hour, we kept him in the spotlight for nearly two hours, going over in minute detail the processes used before, during and after his company’s “experiment”. (If you would like your agile processes subjected to a deep and searching review, for free, please contact us and arrange to speak at one of our meetings!)
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dsdm case study

The next meeting of AgileNorth will be at 7pm on Monday November 22nd, at the Swan Tavern in Winwick, Warrington, UK (just off the M6/M62). The topic this month is a case study of the use of DSDM in the financial software sector.

For full details, see http://bcs-oops.org.uk/cgi-bin/view/SPA/SpaNwMeetingNov04.