introducing andy lawrence

I was delighted to discover today that Andy Lawrence has started a blog – and I was even more delighted when I read his first few posts. Andy has managed to put into words something I’ve held off saying, and he’s neatly expressed it in the same terms as the agile manifesto:

“I am uncovering better ways of delivering valuable software by doing it and helping others do it. Through this work I have come to value: applying agile values over following Agile practices
That is, while there is value in the item on the right, I value the item on the left more”

Many of you will know Andy: he was one of the original AgileNorth committee members, and he and I collaborated on our muda workshops a while back. Give him a look, at

introducing david draper

David Draper, a new friend of mine from the AgileNorth group, has begun blogging (again) this week. He has strong opinions about the lack of design that gets done on agile projects, and he has been instrumental in helping to set up and run our successful recent series of coding dojos. But don’t take my word for it – check him out in person at

page blight

Summer’s here and the common variety of garden pest has struck again – hackers scribbled over this blog yesterday. Why?

Obviously I’ll have to take measures, so please excuse me if these pages become inaccessible for short periods while I learn (iteratively, of course ;-) about the most appropriate pesticide spray to use…

Random thoughts

Hi! During the coming months you can expect to find here random musings about agile software development – and occasionally other completely unrelated stuff as my mind wanders. Please bear with me as I search for a writing style, and as I struggle to bring some kind of order to the disorganized cacophony of thoughts that have been festering in my head these past few years…