Commit messages

Write commit messages so that:

  1. they complete the sentence “This commit will…”
  2. the commit log can be understood by your Product Owner
  3. they describe the “why” — because the “what” can be read in the diff

For example:

Make the sign-up button look like all other calls to action
Ensure the timezone is always correct on UAT
Allow clients to retrieve the time when an application is rejected

instead of:

Import the new LESS file on the home page
Updated config
Updated endpoint for rejected

4 thoughts on “Commit messages

    • Hi Federico,
      One reason for writing commit messages in this way is that it creates opportunities for non-developers to read them. For example, it becomes possible to use the commit log directly in release notes.

      • Good point. I tend instead to write very small commits, for things that do not necessarily produce a visible effect for the user alone. However I “tag” issues described in the issue tracker.

        E.g. “issue41: “.

        Later Project Owners can see a few commits in a row all related to issue 41 and go look there for a user-oriented description of the feature.

        I guess I could later squash all the commits related to the issue41 and write a single, high-level message (several people prefer that), but I prefer to keep very granular commits in my history.

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