Date arithmetic

This morning I got up at eight minutes past six. So what, you ask? Well, that means I got out of bed at 06:08 10/12/14*, which is a very nice arithmetic progression. That is, today’s date is a series of numbers with a constant difference (in this case, the constant difference is 2).

Question: Which dates (and times, if you wish) next year will form arithmetic progressions? And which, if any, will form a geometric progression (in which each term after the first is found by multiplying its predecessor by a fixed constant)?

*Unless you live in the US — in which case, pretend today is October 12th.

One thought on “Date arithmetic

  1. Arithmetic progression is possible for 15 (of 2015). Just subtract say 3 or 4, etc
    But geometric seems impossible. 15 only have 2 divisors 3 and 15. So its either
    x 3 15
    y 5 15
    in both cases, seems not possible

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