releasing vs delivering

Here’s a quick thought that you might like to use in your next retrospective: Do you know that the software you just released has realised the expected value?

What if the answer is that you don’t know? How could you find out? And what might be the positive or negative side-effects of going to find out?

Here’s another way to look at the same question: Do you deliver more value by moving to the next story/MMF, or by helping the current story/MMF to release its full potential? Is there a single answer for your software/service? If not, what factors or conditions would cause the answer to change?

2 thoughts on “releasing vs delivering

  1. Interesting article.
    Sometimes I wonder the same thing to myself when we deliver Releases of software.
    Understood the client pays a licence fee but and they pay for a service.
    But the process involved in getting changes into production and the impacts to the business to conduct UAT I wonder is it all worth it for what is being provided.

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