support Corey Haines

For nine months now Corey Haines has been travelling around the Eastern US as a journeyman programmer. During that time he has run numerous code retreats, published numerous fantastic interviews with leading developers, and made dozens of blog posts and videos in which he reflects on the things he’s learned from the people he’s paired with. The body of Corey’s travails is already beginning to form an invaluable reference, and all of the insights he has pushed into the public domain add to our collective knowledge about how to develop software carefully (in both senses of the word).

Just as amazing as the project’s knowledge elicitation is the fact that Corey is self-funded. He pair programs for food and lodging, and just by doing that he has given back an enormous amount to the community. Well, now he’s skint. The journey will continue only if Corey can raise some funds.

So please visit Corey’s blog and pledge a few quid to keep the journeyman on the road. I did, and it didn’t hurt a bit.

And next year, Corey, how about we raise the cash to get you over to the UK for a tour?

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