reek 0.3.0 released

I’ve just released reek version 0.3.0. Highlights in this version include:

  • The main news is the arrival of a new smell: I’ve included a first naive check for the Control Couple smell.
  • I’ve also revised the command-line: reek now only checks sources passed on the command line — it won’t go searching for files in the current directory and subdirectories any longer.
  • Code snippets can be supplied on the commandline; if a command-line argument isn’t a filename, reek will assume it’s Ruby source code, and will look for smells in it.
  • If multiple files generate warnings, reek now lists them with headings, so you can more easily see which files had problems. Each heading also lists the number of warnings raised against the file.
  • There’s now a very naive Reek::RakeTask to run reek from rakefiles.
  • And finally, reek now exits with status 2 when smells are reported; this should help you integrate a call to reek in your continuous integration builds.

To get your copy: gem install reek, or gem update reek if you’re a reek user already. To use it, try

reek source_file.rb


reek lib/*.rb

or similar. Or add the new Reek::RakeTask to your rakefile. As always, all kinds of feedback is very welcome.

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