Kevin Fox on the theory of constraints

Kevin Fox has begun a new blog, on which he plans to share real-life success stories of applying the theory of constraints. With over 20 years working with Eli Goldratt on his CV, Kevin should have plenty of great case studies to share.

The first story tells of the development of a new drug by “Big Pharma”:

“As the drug was late in the development process, where most of the investment and effort is in the clinical trials to test the effectiveness of the drug, this was the area of most concern. When they used TOC to analyze their flow and understand where the bottlenecks were it became apparent that the real constraint was in an unlikely place, the clinical pharmacy.”

I won’t quote any further – read Kevin’s article to find out what happened. And after this taster, I’m looking forward to more of the same…

5 thoughts on “Kevin Fox on the theory of constraints

  1. Thanks for the kind words Kevin. I am totally new to blogging, but I have a lot of material, this kind of encouragement will keep me posting. I’ve started to explore your site, some great info and connections and more than a few good laughs.

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