enough is enough

My apologies to you if you’ve tried to access this blog recently and just given up waiting. The hosting service I use for has been getting slower and slower recently. I mean really slow. Yesterday, it took me nearly four hours to put the finishing touches to the carnival – changes that consisted of only twenty words or so. Because each save, and each preview, either took an age or never completed at all. (Apparently the new hardware to “fix” the problem has been incorrectly commissioned, and it won’t be up and running for several more weeks. In the meantime I have a service that is sometimes just unusable.)

Of course I could use an offline editing tool such as BlogJet or Ecto; but I’m becoming fed up with Movable Type too. And yesterday Movable Type helped me screw up. I had begun drafting the carnival on Monday – that is, in April. And when I finally hit ‘publish’ yesterday afternoon, I forgot to change the authored-on date, which meant the post looked like it was published Monday too. I noticed the mistake and quickly fixed it, but by then Movable Type had saved a version under the April archive. So now there are two different HTML pages containing the carnival, and my stats show they are receiving roughly equal numbers of visits. Bummer.

So I’ve decided to move. My hosting service is unreliable and often unusable, and my blogging tool is more work than I need.

I could simply move the blog – and Movable Type – to my other server, which seems very reliable, and over which I have greater control. That would mean all those links into this blog wouldn’t get broken. Which would be nice, because I’ve spent a lot of time and effort getting my googlerank up to 6.

On the other hand, the thought of spending more time as an admin, nursing a fragile set of Perl scripts, is not a happy one. I want something that’s pain-free and less effort than Movable Type. What do you recommend? Which are the best free hosted blog services currently available?

When I’ve made the switch (that word makes it sound kinda easy and instantaneous, doesn’t it) I plan to keep the silkandspinach.net URL and the feedburner feed. But the Atom feed will go – so if you’re currently subscribed to that feed, please switch now.

Thanks for your patience, and your help.

Movable Type has just told me that this is my 400th blog post, which seems to me to be an auspicious time to move on. (Doubly so, in fact, because I know this blog contains only 355 posts!)

3 thoughts on “enough is enough

  1. I’m a big fan of WordPress. I run several blogs which are generally a breeze to administer. I haven’t used their free hosted version, but it seems to be good enough for Jon Udell and you can use your own domain for the princely sum of 10 dollars a year.

  2. If you feel like having a programmer’s door into the blog so that you could, for example, install a poll module at some point, BBcode support, private messaging for blog reader, ability to easily move blocks here and there, etc have a look at Drupal.

    Or you can actually try the close-to-default installation yourself at agilesoftwaredevelopment.com Just create an account there and see what making a post is like. Play there as long as you like. If you’ll be posting just “loren ipsum”s I will simply not promote them to the front page.

    And good luck with the final transfer! It always takes time and patience.

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