can you recommend a hosting service?

I have a little toy in development, and I’m looking for a different hosting service, because my current lot don’t seem in the least inclined to support Ruby, let alone Rails. So can you recommend a great host? Here’s what I’m looking for:

  • full support for Ruby and Rails
  • install my own gems as required
  • Perl
  • CGI
  • reasonable control over .htaccess files
  • huge MySQL databases
  • shell access
  • ftp access
  • domain hosting, preferably with control over DNS entries
  • friendly, honest and transparent support
  • business accounts permitted
  • upto 1GB disk space
  • crontabs
  • must be secure, and have high availability
  • preferably UK based

Oh, and it must be cheap! Thanks for any recommendations.

3 thoughts on “can you recommend a hosting service?

  1. I’ve been using rimuhosting for two years now. Its a VPS solution so allows all the things you would want. They’ve got a great reputation and are very responsive. Basically run by a set of unix geeks. I’d say it is cheap for what you get, but I guess you can judge that.

  2. I’ve recently switched to DreamHost, they are supercheap for what you get (and that is a lot) and I love the down-to-earth attitude these guys have. Check out their blog at
    If you sign up be sure to Google for promotion codes, I got a 90$ discount on a bill of 190$, not bad!

  3. I’ve been using the $30/month plan for a virtual machine at Linode, and I’ve been extremely happy (though the server has been a little loaded this morning).

    They provide full root access on your choice of distro, and the plans start at $20/month. If that’s not a totally unreasonable budget for you, the freedom of root access can’t be beat.

    All of my high-traffic applications use Rails caching, so I serve a lot of static pages directly though Apache. This lets me scale to moderately high traffic levels on a virtual server.

    Honestly, I can’t image how programmers can be happy with just a user-level shell account. :-/

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