what brings people here

I’m forever surprised by the web and the people who use it. For example, here is what Google reports as being the top search strings that brought readers to this blog recently:

  1. jidoka
  2. spinach
  3. 5 whys
  4. cause i me spinach
  5. gavin hope
  6. go ugly early
  7. kevin rutherford
  8. scrum
  9. crucial conversations
  10. hexagonal architecture
  11. “go ugly early”
  12. wikipedia throughput
  13. throughput accounting
  14. going ugly early
  15. scrum book
  16. throughput wikipedia
  17. other terms for agile coach
  18. task board scrum
  19. features not to be tested
  20. scrum task board

Most surprising, perhaps, is “cause i me spinach” (if you typed that into Google, please email me and tell me what you were really looking for). “5 whys” is also a surprise, because I only wrote about it a couple of times. And interesting to see the pairing of “wikipedia throughput” and “throughput wikipedia“, and three versions of “going ugly early” too.

Now I’ve seen this list, I’m doubly curious to see what the next few months will bring…

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