integrated tagging anyone?

The other day I wanted to conduct a survey of what’s out there in web2.0 on the subject of the Theory of Constraints. Wherever I went – technorati,, flickr etc – I had to try a few different tags and tag formats before I found everything I wanted. I found I needed to type the words five times, either all run together or separated by “+”, “-“, “_” or space. So it strikes me that web2.0 suffers from one of its strengths – the completely “personal” (ie. unstandardized) tag space.

toetag I’m really looking forward to web3.0, when all of the hundreds of tagging tools in web2.0 are integrated into one seamless whole. Imagine being able to tag your photos or blog posts with a multi-word tag, without having to worry whether the words should be separated by a ” ” or a “+” or just run together. Imagine being able to pick one tag, and know that all the tag-based services out there will understand it to mean the same thing.

Note that I’m not asking for standards. There’s an opportunity here for someone with expertise in, say, neural networks, to build a complementary tag service. Something that would find the “same” tag(s) on flickr,, technorati et al and display search results. So if I typed in “personal productivity” this service would return links to everything on, flickr, technorati etc that had been tagged with any of “personal productivity”, “personalproductivity”, “personal-productivity” and so on.

I’m too busy to write the whole thing myself, but drop me a line if you would like to collaborate on implementing the idea.

Update, 5-jun-06
Synchronicity. Lots of related material posted today over at Controlled Agility.

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