trees? who needs trees!

bird Yesterday I took delivery of a new headset to make Skype and conference calls with remote clients easier. As a product I’m pleased with it so far, and it worked correctly right out of the box. Full marks for usability. The manual comprises 32 dense pages of small type giving (what I assume to be) the same instructions in sixteen different languages. Here’s the English section:

  1. Plug headset into available USB port.
  2. Put headset on.

That’s it. Repeated fifteen more times. And I had to unfold the sheet twice to find that.

Wouldn’t a diagram have sufficed, I hear you ask? My thoughts exactly. Until I noticed that there was a diagram. Actually two. One for each step in the process.

I’ve kept this manual, alongside those for every other product I’ve ever purchased, just in case I need to refer to it in future…

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