accessible = approachable = £££

In Accessible = Approachable = $$$ Scott Ginsberg (the guy who wears a name-tag 24 hours a day, 7 days a week) discusses the benefits of making sure you and your business are easily accessible. I know I’m no great shakes in the ‘approachable’ department, but last week I also discovered the truth in Scott’s words: three separate people in twenty-four hours independently told me they struggled to find my email address starting from pages in this blog. I hope I’ve fixed that now, but it does underline the point. So a big thank-you to those people who took the time and trouble to work out how to contact me, and then to give me feedback on their struggles. I wonder how many other people have just shrugged and left…

bouncers In the main, Scott writes about approachability – which is also vital to the success of an agile software development team. For example, anyone who wants to get a view of the team’s progress towards the next release needs to know in advance when they hold their daily stand-up meetings. And because feedback is the fuel of the agile process, it’s essential that development teams ensure that their team persona is also approachable. For example, it’s no good going into an iteration review with arms folded, and rejecting stakeholder comments with responses along the lines of “no, you’re wrong.” Because people will soon get the message and stop attending. At which point the team’s product begins to lose its way; morale, time to market and profitability will surely follow.

We software geeks have a lot to learn from Scott…

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