jidoka at SPA2006

I’ll be running my trusty Jidoka workshop again soon, this time at SPA2006 in March. I ran the same session at XPday in London last November; see feedback from Lasse.

Lean manufacturing is based on two pillars: Pull and Jidoka. Agile methods focus most of their attention only on Pull: customers pull features or user stories from the development team, and the development team carries out every task just in time and without building up inventory. Jidoka – the policy of stopping the production line whenever a fault occurs, and then fixing both the fault and the cause of the fault – has been largely forgotten. Jidoka is what keeps value flowing fast through the process, iteration after iteration. And yet there are no published studies or collections of Jidoka practices as applied to software development.

The session’s objectives are to learn about Jidoka on a production line, and to discuss its application to adapting a software development process in a learning organization. Participants will play a Jidoka Game which demonstrates the beneficial effects of “stopping the line”. The group will then work together to describe, discuss and discover “jidoka moments” – points at which software development projects are, could be or should be stopped in order to prevent faults passing downstream. It’s a fun session, and I hope informative too.

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