culture and agile adoption

In Observations on Corporate Culture and Agile Methods Adoption/Adaptation Esther Derby looks at the potential for adoption of agile methods in a variety of organization types. I found it well worth a few minutes thinking about the organizations I’m involved with, and asking myself which of Esther’s cultural categories they fall into. Mostly it confirmed my TOC analysis of where the bottlenecks lie, so Esther’s analysis “feels right” to me. Well worth a look.

Update, 10-jan-06
Coincidentally, yesterday Kevin Meyer wrote about Looking Lean vs. Being Lean, in which he cites people and culture as the most important factors in the lean transition. According to Kevin, “real” lean transformation artists can take two to three years just getting the organizational culture set up and ripe for the changes. Which chimes in nicely with Esther’s analysis…

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