extreme demolition job

Last night we had another very interesting meeting of the NW agile SIG in Warrington. Much of the debate focussed on whether XP is too brittle, because it only really ‘clicks’ when the team is doing all of the practices with all of the dials turned up to ten. We wondered about dependencies between the practices, and whether any one practice could/should be adopted first, with a few surprises to us all! Rob Jarratt has now posted comprehensive notes of the discussion on our website.

And when I got home, I discovered just how much Donna disliked our gorgeous (I jest) stone barbecue:


She may be only 5 foot 1, but give her a lump hammer…

So that’s gone now – but at least we have a nice pile of cut stones for that ornamental wall around the patio. When we get around to putting in a patio, that is…

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