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fun and games at xp-manchester

October 15, 2010


Last night was the October 2010 meeting of XP-Manchester, a local group set up by me and Jim McDonald. As always the meeting consisted of two halves, the first being a workshop (this time led by me) and the second being a coding dojo. For the workshop this month I ran a version of James […]

communicating intent is all about names

January 6, 2010


Ths ten-minute video chat between Corey Haines and J.B.Rainsberger introduced a nice simplification of eXtremeNormalForm. In the discussion, JB hardens up the wishy-washy Communicates Intent value by noting that it’s just about “bad names”, and here’s why. In an OO language, “communicating intent” boils down to breaking the system into small pieces and giving them […]

why YAGNI acts to EXPLOIT the bottleneck

May 26, 2008


Clarke asked me to explain my earlier throw-away remark that YAGNI forms part of the EXPLOIT step in moving the bottleneck away from development, so here goes… YAGNI (You Aren’t Gonna Need It) is an exhortation from the early days of XP. It has been discussed and misunderstood a great deal, so I’m not going […]


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