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iteration zero podcast

June 26, 2008


A couple of weeks ago Clarke Ching interviewed me as part of his Everyday Agile initiative. The discussion describes what happened when one of my clients, Codeweavers, invited me to participate in kicking off a new project. You can download the MP3 directly from here. Warning: The sound quality and levels are very poor, because […]

why YAGNI acts to EXPLOIT the bottleneck

May 26, 2008


Clarke asked me to explain my earlier throw-away remark that YAGNI forms part of the EXPLOIT step in moving the bottleneck away from development, so here goes… YAGNI (You Aren’t Gonna Need It) is an exhortation from the early days of XP. It has been discussed and misunderstood a great deal, so I’m not going […]


September 11, 2007


My apologies if this has been said or written a thousand times before: YAGNI is XP’s way of exploiting the constraint. Which means that XP, and hence most agile methods, are set up on the assumption that the development team is – or soon will be – the bottleneck. And having identified that bottleneck, our […]

eXXXtreeme programming

January 17, 2006


Being a link to a funny wiki page

hitting the high notes

August 5, 2005


In which Joel Spolsky makes a compelling argument in favour of hiring only the best programmers

selling agile is not about programming techniques

June 21, 2005


There seems to be a grand misconception that "being agile" is about TDD and pair programming. It isn't

xp game in manchester

October 14, 2004


The AgileNorth group hosted an XP Game in Manchester

an XP game in manchester

September 27, 2004


Announcing the AgileNorth group's XP Game

selling agile

July 30, 2004


Delivering value is more important than installing a method from a textbook

just do it

July 26, 2004


Instead of fretting about how best to "sell" agile, just do it


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