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Conditionals on the edge

September 19, 2011


As you know, I have a thing about conditional code. Most conditionals are duplicates, and the only “genuine” conditionals are at the system boundaries, where they test external state and input information. But I discovered recently that, even at the edges, not every conditional is necessary… Here’s (a drastically simplified version of) some code I […]

the wrong duplication

November 5, 2006


A refactoring anti-pattern

duplicated expressions again

February 3, 2006


I now have Simian in Eclipse, but my search for the right tool continues

keep the tests simple and readable

January 31, 2006


Why is it sometimes easier to comment out a test than to get it to pass?

detection of duplicated expressions

January 15, 2006


I'm looking for a tool that will report duplicated expressions in source code

hexagonal soup

July 16, 2004


Alistair Cockburn's 'hexagonal architecture' has some interesting consequences when we try to eliminate all duplication from a system


July 16, 2004


There are two kinds of conditional statements in a system; and one kind is redundant

avoid boolean parameters

July 15, 2004


You are tempted to create a method with a boolean argument. Don't.


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